I worked as an Associate Software Developer at Bevy, a resilient platform purpose-built to help community builders thrive professionally and personally. Founded in 2017, Bevy helps companies build, grow and scale their global communities. Early customers included Asana, Atlassian, Docker, Duolingo, Evernote and Salesforce. 
As a developer in the Content and Presentation group, my contributions fell into three main categories: customizing and maintaining the frontend for clients, building bespoke React components, and optimizing backend API endpoints.
Bevy's defining value to clients is as a white label experience. Customers can customize Bevy to their unique brand needs, offering a consistent community experience to their users. To support that goal, I worked with major clients to roll out their Bevy communities using React, ensuring deliveries that exceeded expectations and shipped ahead of schedule. 
Diligent maintenance was also critical to my work at Bevy. I took a independent and proactive approach to my responsibilities, regularly identifying critical defects in the Bevy experience before clients complained, and driving the process of generating tickets, implementing fixes, and writing robust tests to ensure that future bugs would be detected.
Bevy's core focus on providing a truly white label customer experience meant that existing React front-end frameworks simply didn't offer the degree of customization we needed. This lead to the creation of Sepiida, Bevy's own front-end framework, built from the ground up to serve our needs. Building efficient Sepiida components - each with a full suite of test coverage - was a big part of my work at the company.
Finally, I helped to support and maintain Bevy's Django backend. Building new API endpoints, as well as optimizing and troubleshooting existing endpoints, delivered a faster customer experience and reduced Bevy's hosting overhead, critical for a company mission that relied on seamless delivery of time-critical community events for large numbers of users. 

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